In the centre of Šmartno pri Litiji, there is a tavern that has been preparing true traditional Slovenian dishes for four generations, since 1906. The “pri Mačku” tavern welcomes its guests with a refined ambience and a personal note of welcome. Chef Matevž and his wife Nataša offer their guests a piece of the secret formula of his mother and grandmother with his dishes, engages them with flavours of spices from all over the world, and packs it all together into a real gourmet delight.

The dishes from their kitchen are homemade, simple, made from fresh and quality ingredients, and mostly of domestic origin. They mix a lot of seasonal vegetables into the traditional recipes, as well as spices from the home garden, and sometimes some that they bring from their travels around the world.

They are especially proud of the “Maček” steak, which has been prepared according to a unique recipe for 30 years. It is special because it is prepared entirely in the oven, and has retained a unique mild creamy onion flavour over the years. They also recommend leg of veal with vegetables, which is prepared using a combination of different types of roasting and stewing for 24 hours. By prior arrangement, they can also prepare selected beef, which is aged from three to five weeks. They pay a lot of attention to the method of preparation. However, a large part of Mediterranean cuisine can also be found in Maček’s kitchen, as well as excellent risottos and daily fresh pasta.

To bring the meal to a close, Matevž takes you to his wine cellar, where he offers 65 types of wines from Slovenian and foreign winemakers. “Čik’s” Wine Cellar was named after Matevž’s late father, as the wish for a wine cellar began to come to life with his help. Wines are constantly being added, so the number of wine types is increasing from month to month. Members of the Wine and Sparkling Wine Club also meet here and exchange their opinions, knowledge, and experience about winemaking. In Čik’s Wine Cellar, Karst prosciutto and local meats are served with the wine tastings, and homemade steak tartare, octopus salad, and smoked trout pâté are prepared by prior arrangement. You might stay at the “pri Mačku” tavern longer than planned.

More information: “Pri Mačku” Tavern (Gostilna pri Mačku), Usnjarska cesta 7, Šmartno pri Litiji, T: 01 898 73 70 in 040 829 829, E:, W: