… on the Šmartno culinary adventure

Our Šmartno adventure begins in the morning at the Šmartno centre, from where we are heading to the Dremelj Homestead, the home of the fourth generation of beekeepers. We will be welcomed with a honey treat, followed by a presentation of the homestead’s beekeeping and raising queen bees. After tasting a few more honey delicacies, we are returning to Šmartno to explore the mighty Neo-Gothic Church of St. Martin. Next, we head off to taste the traditional local ingredient snack at the Pri Mačku Tavern. In the afternoon, we set off to visit the Ecological Farm Vodnjov, where the family Vodnjov have been producing and processing organic fruit for several years. We will be welcomed with fruit delicacies and taken on a tour around the orchard, taste organic snacks and learn about the Vodnjov methods of organic cultivation. From there we will embark on a special culinary adventure at the historic Bogenšperk Castle. We will begin tasting the dried meat products in the castle cellar along with a glass of the house sparkling wine Wagensperg. After the tour around the castle we will round off our Šmartno culinary experience with a pleasant dinner at the castle inn.    

… on the path of energy

Heading from the Šmartno centre towards Velika Štanga to enjoy a homemade rustic breakfast at the Pri Janezu Inn, a perfect way to start the morning. We will explore the St. Anthony of Padua Church and hear legends about the hundred-year old linden tree growing near the church. Then we will continue our journey past Šmartno towards Javorje, where we will take a guided stroll along the Javorje Energy Trail. We will feel the healing energy at the trail’s six energy points, become acquainted with various local herbs and Celtic fruit trees. Our next stop is at the mighty Bogenšperk Castle, where we will have the opportunity to meet a true energetic herbalist and learn about her view of nature and natural phenomena.  She might even cast a spell. We will walk to Lichtenberg, the remains of the former castle, today serving as a powerful energetic point. We will return to the Bogenšperk Castle just in time for lunch. We round off our Energy Trail at Primskovo, the home of a miracle man, healer, bioenergetic healer and homeopath, Jurij Humar. We will visit his grave, where miracle energy powers can still be felt and explore the three churches built within the walls of the historic defensive encampment against the Turks. Before returning to Šmartno, we will visit the local winemaker, who will make sure our accumulated energy doesn’t run out too soon.

… on the path of the past

In the morning, we are heading from the Šmartno centre towards Primskovo to the Village of Gradišče, where we will be welcomed with a healthy breakfast at the Ecological Farm Vodnjov. There we can explore the chapels of the Way of the Cross, the remains of the defensive wall that used to protect the encampment from the Turks, three churches built inside the wall, and the Jurij Humar grave. Next, we will be introduced to the mighty Bogenšperk Castle, explore the collections displayed in the castle and learn about the life and work of the famous polyhistor Janez Vajkard Valvasor. We will be invited to the castle’s cellar, where we can taste the meats dried in what used to be the castle’s tomb. After visiting the Bogenšperk Castle, we will be heading to the Javorje Village to learn about the WWII bunkers and the past and present life-style of the Javorje residents. We will enjoy a stroll to the St. Roch Church at the Felič Vrh. We will enjoy lunch in the centre of Šmartno at the Pri Mačku Tavern. Before we end our tour, we will walk through the city centre, learn about the Šmartno historical monuments and see the mighty church of Saint Martin, after whom the city was named.

Our meeting point is at the Cultural Centre (Kulturni dom) at 8:35. The expected time of return to the meeting point in Šmartno is at 18:00.

Prices: 64 € (23 people), 73 € (15 people) – I., 47 € (23 people), 56 € (15 people) – II., III. The prices include all guides and local guide tours, organized tastings, bus fare, the trip organization, and VAT.  

The content is the responsibility of the Public Institute Bogenšperk, the project partner and the carrier of the activity. The managing authority designated for the implementation of the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2014-2020 is the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.