The Dremelj family has been engaged in beekeeping for four generations. Janez Dremelj, who got his first bee colony at the age of seven from his father, began learning intensively about beekeeping and queen breeding more than a decade later. He and his wife, Ksenija, set out on the path of independent beekeeping. Initially, they had 23 bee colonies, and today they already have about 350. Both of them obtained a national professional qualification for the profession of beekeeper, and the title of master beekeeper, and they also completed an apitherapy course and obtained a certificate for performing tourism services. They are also assisted in their work by their three children – two sons and a daughter.

In addition to the production of honey and other bee products, their primary activity is breeding queens of the autochthonous breed, Apis mellifera carnica (Carniolan honey bee). It is a breed characterised by low food consumption over the winter, and very rapid development in the spring. The queens are bred from May to August under the supervision of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. They are raising the quality of queen bees and are therefore known throughout Europe. About 80% of the queens are exported to various European countries, and some to Japan. In Slovenia, they are sold to individual beekeepers and some beekeeping associations.

At their homestead, visitors can see the process of breeding queens, and the honey production, and also taste the honey. They have different types of honey available: chestnut, flower, acacia, forest, and linden. They will gladly advise you when choosing honey, as each honey has its own unique taste, and helps eliminate various ailments. They also offer pollen, royal jelly, propolis, medovitmix, honey liqueur, and other honey delicacies. Satisfied customers who keep coming back are the best proof of their dedication, quality work, and first-class products.

More information: Beekeeping Dremelj (Čebelarstvo Dremelj), Dragovšek 13, Šmartno pri Litiji, T: 041 836 050, E: