The Pr’ Blaj Ecological Excursion Farm lies under Kampl hill, along the road from Šmartno pri Litiji to Janče. It has been involved in agriculture for the three generations, and its beginnings date back to 1927, when the farm was bought by the grandfather of Vinko Kokovica, who manages the farm today. At the very beginning, he took a catering course and got a permit to perform the activities of rural tourism. The farm became active in tourism in 2002. It also has its own patron saint – Anthony the Great.

The Kokovica family cultivates about six hectares of land; mostly steep meadows. They breed an autochthonous Slovenian breed of cows – the Cika cattle, grow their own vegetables, and produce vinegar, fruit juice, cheese, cottage cheese, and other home-made delicacies. They also dedicate a lot of time to fruit growing, and have planted a cherry tree avenue, which delights visitors with juicy fruit for almost two months a year. There are also some exotic fruit trees, Indian banana, three-leaf lemon, Russian olive, persimmon, figs, medlars, and domestic fruit varieties – apricot, plum, and greengage.

The Pr’ Blaj Excursion Farm pampers its guests with lunches, cold cuts, and homemade desserts; and in wintertime, with farm feasts consisting of homemade krvavice (blood sausages), pečenice (grilled pork sausages), and svinjska krača (pork leg). You can also get homemade salami, bacon, brisket, and homemade sausages there.

They are open at weekends, from 10 am to 10 pm, and also by arrangement during the week. They prepare lunches for closed groups, picnics, and other festive occasions. They can welcome up to 60 guests. The farm is also a great stop for day-trippers and hikers who want to retreat to nature and enjoy the beautiful views. The view extends all the way to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps on one side, and Kupa, Čemšenik Pasture, Sveta Gora mountain, and Obolno on the other.

More information: Pr’ Blaj Ecological Excursion Farm (Ekološka izletniška kmetija Pr’ Blaj), Dragovšek 4, Šmartno pri Litiji, T: 031 332 965