In 1995, Dragica Kovač and Andrej Tavčar bought the Gracar Homestead, a farm with a centuries-old tradition. They renovated the approximately 300-year-old house, preserving the elements of a traditional Slovenian homestead. Today, the homestead offers its guests an escape to unspoiled nature, where they can spend the night in a modern suite, and enjoy the peaceful rural environment and walks in unspoiled green nature.

For a more active holiday, guests can use a horse riding arena or enjoy horse riding in the field. They can try their hand at archery, and hiking and cycling trails run through the Heart of Slovenia near the homestead. The forests surrounding the homestead are full of surprises during mushroom picking. Children can look forward to a playground and a wooden treehouse, where the braver ones can also spend the night. The pets on the farm that enjoy the attention of guests are delighted to see everyone. Last but not least, guests can join in with the farm chores that never run out at the homestead. The vegetable garden offers a diverse selection of vegetables and herbs, all grown in raised beds. Because of the organic way of farming, home meadows are also a real treasure trove of medicinal herbs and meadow flowers.

The son and daughter are also actively involved in the work on the homestead. In the future, they also plan to offer food that will be based on traditional Slovenian cuisine from home-grown ingredients.

More information: Dragica Kovač, Obla Gorica 5, 1275 Šmartno pri Litiji; T: 041 789 796, E: