Husband and wife Natalija and Jože and their daughter Klavdija play a key role in the family business. In Liberga, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, they prepare meat according to traditional Slovenian recipes in a natural way.

They always make sure that they can offer their customers a wide range of diverse, high-quality, and lovingly prepared products that are known both at home and beyond. At Mesnine Bajec, they make ham, hot dogs, špehovka (quiche), pečenice (sausages), dry salami, blood sausages, home-made cold cuts, and grilled meat, by hand. They also prepare home-made crackling, mashed potatoes and lard according to traditional recipes. For special occasions, they make special meats, such as the unique Liberga sausage. Only meat from free-range animals bred in Slovenia is used in the production. This way, they get very high-quality meat.

Fans of home-made meats can choose from a wide selection of products that the Bajec family puts on the shelves in Kresnice, Gabrovka, Senože, Litija, and Šmartno, and they also visit local markets in Radeče, Vrhnika, Zagorje, Trbovlje, and Hrastnik. They also have the option of selling through their website. Mesnine Bajec is also part of the tourism offer at Bogenšperk Castle, as a dry-ageing room for meat products has been built in the castle cellar, where Wagen cured meat products are dried and matured today.

If you are already at Liberga, visit the Medved fruit dryer, right next to the Levstik trail. In terms of cultural and protection values, it is exceptional on a Slovenian scale, as it is one of the best-preserved still functioning smokeless fruit dryers in central Slovenia. It has been declared a cultural monument of national importance. It is built of stone and plastered, has an arched fireplace, and a drying chamber above it. The year 1845 and the initials IT are on the facade. It was completely renovated in 2015 and is still in use today.

More information: Mesnine Bajec, Liberga 10 a, Šmartno pri Litiji, T: 040 327 523, E: