Gradišče pri Litiji

Gradišče rises above Litija, above the Sava river on the eastern side (435 m a.s.l.) on the Roven plateau, where the Church of St. Mary Magdalene is situated, reaching up to 539 m a.s.l. This is a nucleated village containing the appurtenant hamlets of Zelenec and Dobovec. Houses are built along the village roads. The old houses, now mostly renovated, show the characteristics of an eastern-central Slovenian rural house. The hayracks, double hayracks and barns still testify to the once-prevailing farming activities, now losing their dominant position. Most of the areas are overgrown with forest and the meadows are beautiful, while the local people also cultivate fields, gardens and vineyards.

Ekološka kmetija Pr´ Kokol – domače dobrote (kruh, potica, testenine); t: 040 435 699 Ekološka kmetija Pr´ Vovk – zeliščni vrt, domači čaji, degustacije domačih izdelkov, poletni tabor za otroke (doživetje poletja na prostem s spanjem v šotorih in na kozolcu); t: 031 251 931 Kmetija Pr´ Janez – zeliščni vrt, domači čaji; t: 031 766 226   Več informacij Društvo za razvoj podeželja LAZ, t: 051 312 739

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The Church of St. Magdalene in Gradišče pri Litiji

The church was built in the 18th century. During World War I, the bells were confiscated and melted into ammunition. In 1924, new bells were made and returned to the belfry. In World War II, the church was destroyed and the plans to rebuild it were prepared by the architect Jože Plečnik. The altar picture is by the academy-trained painter Tomaž Perko.

The Skebe homestead

was a filming location for the Rodna war movie in 1985. The house is renovated, yet still originally wooden, with a few ornamental details (the heart-shaped shutters).

The Samec Homestead of Memories

preserves a diverse range of old items and documents. The Samec spouses prepare a new exhibition theme every year, which is well worth seeing.

The herb garden on the Pr´ Janez farm

provides guests with the opportunity to see a herb garden. They use the herbs to produce excellent tea blends.