The Železnikov pruh paintball range is located in the village of Vintarjevec, where a sports party takes place on a 3000 square metre polygon, intended for anyone looking for adrenaline and good company. The range is unique, as it is built in ​​a closed quarry, equipped with ditches, bridges, shelters, and natural hiding places.

Paintball is an exciting adrenaline sport, played by both men and women, in which the player’s success does not depend on their age or physical strength. Paintball is a non-contact, action-oriented sport that combines adventure, teamwork, and the ability to make quick decisions. Paintball markers use gas or air to launch paint balls, with which players mark and thus exclude each other from the game.

The Železnikov pruh paintball range boasts the most modern equipment, assuring its users a safe and comfortable paintball experience, and the very unique terrain makes it an unforgettable experience. In the immediate vicinity, there is a picnic area where you can relax and enjoy nature after the game.

More information: Železnikov pruh Paintball,Črni Potok, Šmartno pri Litiji, T: 051 307 413, 041 735 434, E:, FB: Železnikov pruh Paintball