In the village of Javorje, on the Gradišče hill, lies the Javorje Energy and Learning Trail – Medicinal Grove Javorje, which was once the home of a Celtic tribe in the 3rd-century BC. The energy trail leads past seven points and is equipped with orientation signboards. Benches for rest and meditation are also set up at all the energy points.

The first point is the Mandala, which represents a source of energy. Walking in circles helps visitors to achieve harmony and increase body mobility. The second point is the Triquetra, the Celtic sign for infinity. The most famous energy point is at the Javorje Stone, which helps to improve the functioning of the internal organs, especially the heart and liver. The next point, the symbol of the Celtic house, leads the visitor to one of the rooms – the room of happiness, health, love, or success. According to intuition, walk past the rooms that best suit the current state of body and mind. Beside the century-old pear tree, lies the fifth energy point – the Kidney, which affects kidney function. The trail continues through a pleasantly chilled spruce forest to the sixth point, the Figure Eight. The reclining figure eight is a symbol of infinity, a walk along its curves gives an insight into oneself, and when one exits, one feels relaxed. The last point is represented by a source of living water and a pond; in the summer heat, they offer pleasant cooling, and drinking water from the spring also refreshes the body and mind. Miraculous energy points help with the mental and physical ailments of everyday life. Locals say that walking the energy trail is the path to health and well-being. According to earth energy experts, the Javorje Energy Trail is one of the top positive energy points in Slovenia. All energy points are in harmony with the principles of geomatics. Along the trail, there are over 60 gardens, a more than a hundred metres long herb garden, lavender plantations, and plantations of various types of trees and plants of the Celtic horoscope. In the boutique shop, visitors can purchase herbal spirits, tinctures, teas, ointments, and oils.

More information: Javor Sports Association (Športno društvo Javor), Javorje 23, Šmartno pri Litiji, T: 041 614 536, E:, W: