Location 1: Castle Library

Description of the space: The castle library is equipped with stylish furniture – the most striking are the beautiful cassette ceiling and a large bookcase. The space is used as a wedding hall, and there is also an organ. It can accommodate up to 70 participants, and depending on the type of event, different layouts are possible. The Valvasor Library is used in combination with the castle lounge, which is furnished with old stylish furniture. The space is suitable for cultural and educational events (concerts, performances, seminars, …).

Location 2: Castle Atrium

Description of the space: The place where the castle architecture is most pronounced, as it has the most beautiful view of the famous Renaissance arcade corridor. The space boasts exceptional acoustics, accommodating up to 200 participants, depending on the layout and type of event. Since 2019, it also boasts a movable roof, which allows the event to take place in any weather, while giving the space a festival ambience. The space is suitable for concerts, banquets, and celebrations.

Location 3: Castle Arcades

Description of the space: The famous Renaissance arcade corridor is an exceptional space that can host a variety of events. It is suitable for banquets, presentations, and other related events. The exquisite arcade scenery can accommodate up to 80 people, depending on the type of event and layout. With a view of the castle bell tower and the beautiful atrium, the castle corridor can offer excellent socialising at the end of business events or meetings.

Location 4: Conference Room

Description of the space: The conference room is located on the ground floor of the castle, in the Davorin Hostnik Russian-Slovenian Centre, and is newly renovated and equipped with the latest computer equipment. It is suitable for scientific conferences, lectures, presentations, round tables, conferences, and other related events. It can accommodate up to 30 people.

Location 5: Gallery

Description of the space: The space, which hosts exhibitions of various artists during the year, offers the possibility of holding banquets, company presentations, openings, or small music events. It is located on the top floor of the castle, in the once most private rooms of the last owners of the castle, from where there is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and the castle bell tower. It can accommodate up to 70 people.

Location 6: Castle Terrace

Description of the space: The green terrace behind the castle offers space for outdoor events. It is partly covered with sand, so it is suitable for setting up chairs or tables, and it is partly a grass base. Concerts, banquets, and celebrations can be held on the terrace in various combinations. It can accommodate up to 300 people. By prior arrangement, it is possible to rent a stage as an additional service.

Location 7: Castle Clearing

Description of the space: The green castle clearing offers space for outdoor events, especially music, theatre, and cinema performances. The clearing is ideal for setting up a venue at the lower end; thus leaving room for visitors on the upper, raised part. Chairs can be set up, and stands are recommended for larger events. With the appropriate content of the events, visitors can also view the events from seats, on blankets. The surface is grass, ​​and along the edge, there is a path leading to the castle. The castle clearing can accommodate up to 1000 people. By prior arrangement, it is possible to rent a stage and additional chairs as an additional service.

Each event has its own specific requirements, and at the Bogenšperk Public Institute, we are ready to adapt to your wishes. It is also possible to lease the entire castle or to rent certain rooms in various combinations. We prepare an individual offer for each such request. Each room can be equipped with chairs, tables, computer, projector, and screen. Information on the rental price and other offers can be obtained at the e-mail address rezervacije@bogensperk.si, or by phone on 01 898 78 67.

Bogenšperk Castle also has a catering activity for a classic catering or a la carte service at the castle at the event. The castle is also an excellent location for culinary events. The event can be enriched with a tour of the castle and a tasting of meats from the Wagen dry-ageing room, located in the castle cellar. There, you can also offer your guests Wagensperg sparkling wine, which complements the group of products of its own brand. The toilet facilities are on the ground floor, accessible from the atrium of the castle. The car park can accommodate about 50 vehicles.

Contact: Bogenšperk Public Institute (Javni zavod Bogenšperk), T: 01 898 78 67, E: rezervacije@bogensperk.si