The Vodnjov organic farm is run by an innovative couple who adopted a businesslike approach to farming, as they do not have agricultural roots. Fifteen years ago, they bought a small abandoned farm in Primskovo with a hectare of overgrown orchard. They cleaned the area, removed shrubs and brambles, and replaced them with fruit trees. They have bought additional agricultural land over the years, and today the Vodnjov family cultivates 10 ha of land in three locations. Over 100 varieties and 30 types of fruit grow in their orchards, and the majority of the trees are hazelnuts and walnuts. The orchard also has an apiary with the possibility of inhaling hive air. All areas are cultivated according to organic principles, which ensures that their crops are healthy, tasty and nutritious, and ecologically sound.

On the farm, you are invited to visit the orchard and herb garden. They offer their harvest and products such as walnuts, hazelnuts, dried fruit (pears, plums, mulberries), chokeberry juice, various fruit leaves, honey, pollen, and propolis. You can also opt for apitherapy in an apiary in the middle of a chokeberry plantation. They also advise and impart their knowledge of organic processing in educational workshops. They open their doors to kindergartens, schools, and all visitors who want to learn about nature-friendly management, with a respectful attitude to the preservation of natural heritage.

More information: Vodnjov Organic Farm (Eko kmetija Vodnjov), Zagrič 2, Primskovo, T: 070 736 353, E: