The Pivec Homestead is located in the hamlet of Vrata, not far from the Renaissance Bogenšperk Castle. It invites visitors to a holiday in nature, where they can spend pleasant hours in a carefully landscaped herb garden, which offers over 100 different herbs. Mrs Jožica, who looks after the garden, introduces the individual herbs to the visitors, and shows them plants that are never missing from the traditional Slovenian “gartelc” (garden). She also conducts thematic workshops on the gathering of wild herbs, some of which take place at Bogenšperk Castle, as they are tied to the plants that grow there (wild garlic, wild chestnut). At the creative herbal workshops, visitors can make their own magical herbal products and jewellery using patterns stored in old records from our ancestors and herbalist books. At the herbal tastings, visitors prepare their own herbal preparations. Mrs Jožica is also a Bach flower practitioner, so she can prepare personal flower blends for the guests. Tinctures and herbal drops can be found in her home pharmacy. The homestead, therefore, offers a variety of opportunities to spend free time and learn in nature.

More information: Pivec Homestead, Vrata 3, Šmartno pri Litiji, T: 031 612 083, E: